Exams: keep your normal rhythm!

Lotte Jensen, postgraduate student in Intercultural Communication in University of Sheffield, talks on how  she keeps herself calm when dealing with exams, explains why peer learning is effective and reveals her favourite learning space.

She follows her normal rhythm during exams without doing something extraordinary. By waking up in the morning, thinking positively and focusing on the work she has to carry out  she overcomes exams stress.

In Denmark, where she is originally from, few written exams take place, whereas oral exams are preferred. If a written exam is to take place, it is usually in maths and the student is supposed to give short and to-the-point answers.

The advantage of oral exams is the immediate help by the tutor once the student has not understood the question. However, both written and oral exams are quite stressful for students, according to her.

Team working is  effective, too, she said. Socialising, building logical arguments and negotiating with peers is a very good preparation for the real-life work placements of the future. The Danish educational system is a great supporter of this idea.

Lotte enjoys the facilities offered by the Information Commons and especially the Flexi Space area where she can concentrate and work with her peers in a quite friendly and professional environment.

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