Skills for Life: the success of group therapy

The University of Sheffield Counselling Service runs workshops focusing on the  main students’ worries such as stress, procrastination, fear of Ph.D, negative thinking as well as achieving relaxation techniques.

The Counselling Service in Wilkinson Street

The success of the Skills for Life programme of the Counselling Service is based on the group therapy provided. Students gain the opportunity to develop their interpersonal and communication skills and gain some confidence functioning within a group or social environment. In this way they feel that they are not alone in the demanding procedure called ‘learning’.

The staff consists of qualified experts who are more than willing to offer their advice and help to British and international students. Some of the workshops offered are:

  • ‘Behavioural Activation for Depression’ by Paul Bliss, who is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working in the NHS.
  • ‘How to Cope with Stress and Stress Management’ by  Steve Delaney
  • ‘Looking Up when you’re Feeling Down (Group)’ by Nick Barnett. Nick is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. He also works as a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • ‘Introduction to Assertiveness’ by  Safina Webb
  • ‘So you’d like a Bit More Confidence?’ by Jane Allen-Brown and/or Helen Richardson.
  • ‘Loss through Bereavement’by Mike Wilson
  • ‘On Hating Your PhD’ by Kate Tindle
  • ‘Overcoming Writer’s Block’ by Dave Edwards
  • ‘Revision Skills’ by  Munha Lee
  • ‘How to Get Better Sleep’ by Ellie Johnson
  • ‘Relaxation for All’ by Ellie Johnson‘Oasis – Relaxation Space’ by Safina Webb

The duration of the workshops varies from one to three hours and usually students do not need to book in advance unless the response of a particular workshop is massive.

In order to be updated about what’s on in the Skills for Life programme you can visit the official website here or send an email to [email protected].